WebPortal deployment Issue

Hello Dear Knime community,

I get some troubles in the deployment of a workflow on the web portal.
Firsty I have deployed my workflow from the Knime Analytics Plateform to my user Folder, laying on the Knime test server. The workflow is made of 1 SMB connector which is linked to 2 excel reader, 1 excel writer and a path flow variable nodes. I can run the workflow on the server. The output files is then automatically saved in a common drive. But whenever I rightclick and press open in web portal and execute the workflow on that one, a message is displayed related to the folowing issue namely (Anhang 1). So after investigating with the help of the remote execution extension, it appears that the SMB connector have a warning sign.(Anhang 2) Moreover, it raised another question: what happen to such a SMB connector (which all the workflow is depending on), when the worklow is reset before the next execution?

any ideas will be appreciated

Thanks in advance


Hi @AntoineVD

This looks to be a normal warning. If I understand correctly, the workflow does run fine, but you notice the warning message in the monitoring view after it is done running?

The warning for the SMB connector is just letting you know the connection is no longer available, usually because some time has passed since the node was executed.

If I didn’t understand correctly please let me know!


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