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the situation is, I build a workflow on KNIME Analytics Platform (local) it works nice. :slight_smile:
Now rebuild the workflow for server execution on webportal, add quickforms, wrapped metanodes etc.
On local workflow I use the List Files node and I set a location in this case a directory with subfolders to list all files.
How I solve this on the server I want to select a directory on the server with the data I found File Chooser But how to list all files in the directory like List Files to give the files to business logic? Thank you for your answers!

Hi @Mink,

You can do this with a combination of File Chooser and List Files, please see the attached example. The File Chooser has been configured to only allow selecting directories, so the output path can be used by the List Files.


Server_ListDirectory.knwf (21.6 KB)

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Thank you very much @RolandBurger it works :slight_smile:

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