Webportal Load Error: Config for key "layoutInfos" not found


Witihin Upgrade of Analytics Platform 3.6 to 3.7 my workflows in the Webportal are not accessible anymore.
I get the following error message:


The workflows worked perfectly when I deployed them under 3.6. Now, when I deploy them under 3.7, they do not work anymore.

Any quick help is appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,


P.S.: Server Version is Version 4.7.1

The new layouting functionality requires KNIME Server 4.8.0. It is possible to set the following option in the knime-server.config: com.knime.server.executor.reject_future_workflows=true

which will disallow the executor from executing such workflows (actually any workflow created with a newer version) and issue a warning.

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Hi Jon,

Thanks for the reply. It makes quite some sense.



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