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Hi guys,

I have a question regarding the scroll bars in the webportal views.
Up/down scrolling usually works with mouse wheel anyway, but even when, let’s say a table view, has more columns than fit on screen, the scrollbar is still present on the right side of the screen.

The same is not the case for the left/right scrollbar. That one only exists within the view itself, not for the whole page.
Can I change that somehow? It’s very unconvenient to first scroll down, then go to the right, and then scroll up again.
The only other solution is to always fit everything on one screen width…meaning tables either have very few columns or just a few rows to have the left/right scrollbar visible. Both is not optimal for consumers.

Two more things:
a) Is there an option to fix column headers? (like in Excel)
b) The bottom bar with CLOSE - is there an option to disable it? (most consumers unfortunately close the browser tab anyway, instead of doing it the proper way)

Knime-Server: 4.12.5 (AP: 4.3.4)

Hi @tgoedeke,

I agree that these are very valid points. Most views should be responsive in the way that they automatically fit to the screen width - except for the table view, where this is hard to realize. Could you name the other views for which the sideways scrolling is an issue?

Positioning of the scroll bars and fixing column headers:
Regarding a huge table view (given that you’ve already cleaned out irrelevant columns, resorted the table so that the most relevant columns are at the front, show only relevant data, there is not a more graphical way of visualizing the raw data, made use of the search and sort functionality):

  • The only thing on how to bring up the bottom scroll bar I know of is to show less rows per page - this would also give you column headers that are always visible. This is of course at the cost of more pagination and as you said not always ideal.
  • If you hold down shift and use the scroll wheel, you can scroll sideways - maybe that’s already a relieve?
  • You could adjust each cell to save some space with custom css styling to fit more content on screen.
  • If you know JavaScript it might be worth it to write a custom view yourself with the Generic JavaScript Node.
  • Would it make sense to switch tools and let the consumers download the table as an excel file? You could use the Continental Nodes to nicely format the file.

Other than that, the issue with the scroll bar is known and there will be a new version of the table view.

Hiding the Navigation bar:
I’ve observed as well that people will just leave the tab without clicking the close button (including myself). If you share an embed-link to ta single page DataApp, the navigation bar won’t be visible. It will turn up if there are multiple pages however, because you could want to go back to the previous page.

Hope that helps! Kind Regards,


Thanks Lukas,

that already helps. I wasn’t aware of the shift-scrolling. At least when I present something I can use that myself.

Usually I try to keep the information/columns to a necessary minimum, but having a nice graph and a small table next to it can already be too wide for the screen. It just looks better next to each other than above and below, at least in my eyes :slight_smile:
The scrolling “problem” is not specific to a table view, but occurs for anything you put next to one another, any view; graphs can be scaled down, of course.

I would still like to have the option for fixed column titles (and even row indices).

I was just asking for cases when you have quite a few columns and still want to look at more than 20 rows. It would just be more convenient for consumers when they need to see lots of data and possibly need to edit something; download and re-upload as excel in that case is just not the way to go.

Regarding the css-styling: I will try that as well.

When Consumers need lots of data (without editing), download per excel/csv is the go-to-choice, although I haven’t used the continental nodes yet…from a first glance, that will take a while to get used to them.

Since there is no immediate solution to show/fix the scrollbar or headers; you can close this topic and keep in mind, that those features might be nice to have in the future :wink:

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Hey @tgoedeke,

indeed, I forgot about the table editor case! The fixing headers/rowIDs feature request and also the issue with the scrollbars is noted down (for both the table view and table editor) and attached to the rewrite-ticket of the nodes :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input!
Cheers, Lukas

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Hey @tgoedeke,

With the release of 5.1 we have improved the new Table View node that the scrollbar at the bottom is now sticking to the container and not to the bottom of the table. The new table also has a sticky header. Happy to hear your feedback on the new Table View node.