websearcher node


Is it possible to get the rest of the data which is summarized in the Summary colon via websearcher or another palladian node?


I have tried several things but could not succeed.


Any help will be highly appreciated.



Hi Bora,

what's shown in the summary, is all the text which is delivered by the individual search engines (only a short snippet, usually). If you want the full text of the corresponding web page, you can download each link, parse the page and apply the ContentExtractor node from Palladian, to extract the body text from each page.

You can find an example workflow in the KNIME EXAPLES repository > 099_Community > 10_Palladian > Palladian_02 Query a earch engine.

If you have any further questions or issues, let me know.


thanks Philipp,

I will check the example workflow and if anything pops into my mind, I will contact you for your help.

Thanks again and best regards.