Webservice client problem

Hi folks! First let me say that I'm very excited to see a generic web service client like this available in KNIME! Yeah I guess it's been there a while, but I'm new to KNIME and am just discovering this.

I work in the PubChem group and am trying to create some example workflows using our PUG SOAP service, which perhaps we can publish on our site at some point. But I've run into a problem, and I'm not sure how to diagnose it, so I have a few questions on the general use of this web service node.

I am trying to use the Download operation (see our WSDL @ http://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pug_soap/pug_soap.cgi?wsdl). It works okay if I set SynchronousSingleRecord to false, so I believe I have the inputs to the node set up correctly. But if SynchronousSingleRecord is true, and the input list has only a single ID in it, then this SOAP operation should return a DataBlob with three fields/columns: two strings and and a data blob which in the WSDL/schema is of base64Binary type. But when I attempt to run this node in KNIME, I get an error message:

"ERROR     WSExecutor     CODING PROBLEM    Returned array object has invalid size (2), expected: 3, result array is: [E_BLOB_FORMAT_SDF, E_COMPRESS_NONE]"

If I'm interpreting this correctly, this looks like an internal error from the node, and it's presumably failing to handle the base64Binary result in the SOAP XML response, and it is missing from the result structure. Is base64Binary not supported by this node?

If that's the case, is this webservices client node still under active development, with the possibility of this schema data type being added? I would be happy to work with a developer on this, for testing etc., if that would help.



 - Paul

Oh, and I forgot to ask, is there a way to see the SOAP XML being sent to and received from the server? That would really help in debugging.