Weighted Moving Average

I need to calculated Weighted Moving Average. I am not sure how to do this because there is no option to choose Weighted Moving Average in both Moving aggregation and Moving Average Node.

it might depend on the MA. Maybe a helper column or Column Expression node could be helpful. Otherwise scripting nodes would also be an option

Hi @BhuvaneswariS

I believe the nodes that implement a Moving Average Calculation in KNIME do not allow to directly implement a Weighted Moving Average. I thought it was a nice challenge to implement from scratch and eventually the solution is available at the KNIME HUB at the following link:

The -Line Plot- nodes show a noisy sinusoidal weighted signal before and after being filtered by a “Weighted Moving Average” filter of windows size equal to 5:


The solution is self commented on the nodes. Please reach out if there is anything that remains unclear or needs explanation.

Hope this helps.



Hi @BhuvaneswariS

I’m wondering if you have tried the workflow I posted to achieve a weighted moving average.

Did the workflow and comments answer your question ?

Your feedback would be much appreciated ! :slight_smile:


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