What are the four xx-handler columns for in the file table

In the File Table display, there is a tab named “Spec -Column: …” which has four (4) columns named Column Handler, Size Handler, Shape Handler and Filter Handler.

What are they for and where can I find a description/documentation for them?


Hi @kludikovsky ,

thanks for that very observant question :slight_smile:

I don’t think we have explicit documentation on that (if I’ll find some, I’ll come back to this thread), but I can tell you this much:
Those handlers manage the interactivity for tables/charts/views. E.g. if you use an “Interactive Range Slider Filter Widget” or the one of the Size/Color/Shape managers, this will show up there:

The later three are used by the (old style) local plots, and the former one can also be used in the more modern composite views of components.

I hope that answers your question!
Kind regards, Lukas

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Hi @LukasS,
thanks a lot. This answers my question.
I thought this could have something to do with the display of the tables themselfs, such as the size of the fields, their colors, etc.

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