What could that data be about?

Hello, i am competely new at knime. I have got a data but honestly, i just cannot figure what could that be that data about. The terms are :

  1. unit number
  2. time, in cycles (VARIABLE TO EXPECT)
  3. operational setting 1
  4. operational setting 2
  5. operational setting 3
  6. sensor measurement 1
  7. sensor measurement 2
  8. sensor measurement 26

I cannot start to analyze because of the lack of information. Any help would be appriciated and sorry for the beginner question !

Here is the screenshot:

Here is the data link (cannot upload directly due to 4 mb limit on forum):

@Onuran I think it would be best to continue this thread and not open a new one.maybe you can tell us more about what the question is about

If you want to explore the data you could employ this node or use a tool like sweetviz.

First of all, sorry for spamming.

I think thats about a machine system data. I have so many variable data which is about ( unit number, operational settings , sensor measurement etc).

I need to figure about ;
1- what are the relationships between variables ?
2- what approach to use regression/classification based on output variable?
3- After figured the relationships, which three modelling would be best to test such a data like that?

Variable to expect - Column2 (Time)

Hope i can express my questions well. Thank you very much for your time and sorry for the trouble.

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