What does option "maximum number of possible values per column (in output table)" in statistics node means?


Can someone help me what does the option 'maximum number of possible values per column (in output table) in statistics node means? I have attached the screenshot for your reference.


Hi @abhinavkumar !!!

This parameter defines the number of nominal values per column (group) that will be allowed to calculate and show some statistics in the Occurrences/output table (third output port). If a specific column exceeds the allowed values per group, the node will not show occurrences table for that column.

In many cases you don’t have to worry about that, because default parameters are usually enough. When this value is under possible values for some of the columns, Knime will show you a warning message and you can adjust the value.

Also you can find a short description for each parameter in node’s description option (right side of cancel option in your image).

Best regards.


Thank you so much for such a clear explanation


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