What Extensions Can Be Used in Knime Hub Teams?

Clicking on the See which extensions are included does not take me anywhere that tells me what extensions are included.

Can I add extensions to the Hub? I need to use the Geospatial Analytics Extension for KNIME.

Hi @XiozTzu,

Currently there should be a button linking to this statement, that “All the extension developed by KNIME are included”. But we will enhance this soon to provide a detailed list of all installed extensions.


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So looks like Geospatial tools are not one of them. Right?

Sorry, I forgot to answer this specific detail. You are right, as the Geospatial Analytics Extension is a trusted community extension.

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I will only add that calling something “trusted” implies that the extension is equivalent to an internally developed extension. So, it is confusing that something trusted is only trusted on the desktop app not the Hub.

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