What happened to the Spotfire node (Knime Labs)?

Just searched for a Spotfire node in Knime and came across this:


So, I opened up the updater and looked for a Spotfire node under the Knime Labs Extensions, but to no avail. Is that node still available somewhere? Thx.


to install the plugin go to Help->Install New Software and select KNIME update site (http://www.knime.org/update/2.9/) from the work with drop box or enter the url. The KNIME Spotfire integration plugin in should be available in the KNIME Labs extension section.



Thanks fo rthe reply.

The location you mentioned, is where I looked in the first place. While there is a plugin for Pipeline Pilot, none is listed for Spotfire:


If it isn't shown in the list then it's probably already installed.

Just double checked and it's not there (I used the search box in the node repository and I went through the whole "Knime Labs" branch)???


the plugin currenlty only supports Windows 32 bit so if you are not on Windows the plugin won't show. If you are working with Windows have you checked that the plugin is not already installed? To see also the installed plugins unselect the "Hide items that are already installed" in the lower right section of the dialog.



Thanks! That would explain it  - I'm on 64-bit Win7.

This is a real shame as more and more people move to 64bit. I would really like to see a 64bit version developed as Spotfire is such a powerful visualisation tool.


I fully agree. Talk to your local Tibco representative and if too many people complain they might eventually do something. At least there will be a native Spotfire file writer node for 32&64bit shortly after the 2.11 release.

Great, just a writer node will do for me for now. But would be good to get the interactive functionality too. 

I will get in touch with them