What is my Callback URL (for Twitter)

Dear KNIMErs,

what’s the Callback URL to enter in Twitter to create an app / access tokens?

I am starting to play around with the Twitter nodes in KNIME to automate my Twitter search.

While setting up the Twitter App (in my dev account on Twitter) I am asked for a Callback URL to create my Twitter app which I would need in return to get my API and access credentials (see screenshot).

I assume it’s quite obvious :wink: but I don’t know what to enter into that field!

2020-04-06 10_47_19-Client applications — Twitter Developers|638x182

Thank you!

Hi @kowisoft -

I just logged into my dev account on Twitter to check, since I didn’t remember running into this before. I get this message:

"Are you using Sign in with Twitter? If so, you need to add callback URLs below. If not, turn off Sign in with Twitter below."

I think you just need to uncheck the Sign in with Twitter button. Can you try that?


Thank you @ScottF … Sometimes it is too obvious :wink:


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