What is the best way to process a csv file from a remote server?

Hi all,

I want to read and process a csv file from a remote server in KNIME.
I have tried many things to get a connection to a remote server either directly via csv reader (by read from custom and use the URL ssh://…) or via ssh connection node, but it doesn’t work.
With ssh connection node, I can successfully connect to the system and get the filename in the results of the following nodes:
But how do I configure the csv reader node to use this filenname afterwards?

I have found many old (?) forum entries, where solutions are described, but these are not working for me (due to missing nodes or non-working connections).

Hi @theberha,

you need to use the non-deprecated “SSH Connector” node, which outputs a file system connection that you can directly connect to the CSV Reader. Depending on your “Row Filter”, the normal Filter options in the reader may or may not be enough. Then it gets a bit more complex. But as long as you’re just matching files by some regex or wildcard, and the schemas are similar, it should work only with those two nodes.

Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 12.12.00

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Hi @hotzm,

that’s what I have seen in many entries in the forum, but I dont have it in my version. Is this one only available in newer versions (I have version 4.6.3)?


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I don’t have 4.6 installed, but in 4.7 I can use the node with the file system connection after I install the extension it is in: KNIME Basic File System Connectors – KNIME Community Hub

Hub lists v5.2 at the top, but this is not accurate.
I checked and it should be also available in 4.6 (it is in 4.7 for me after all).

Perfect!!! That works!!! :slight_smile:

Many thanks to you!

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