What is the End Of Support Policy of KNIME Business Hub?

Hello everyone.

Please tell me the End Of Support Policy of KNIME Business Hub,
How often do I need to upgrade KNIME Business Hub?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @laughsmile (Ryu), we hope to be able to provide an update on this by the end of this week/next week.

I will get back to you as soon as the information becomes available.

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Hi @Dora_Oravecz

Do you have an update about the end of support policy ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @laughsmile apologies, there will be some delay according to internal feedback.
I have asked about a rough estimate and will update this post when we know more.

Hi @Dora_Oravecz

Kubernetes end of support may have a support period of less than 2 years. does KNIME Business Hub’s end of support policy depends on Kubernetes end of support policy?

Thanks in advance.

Hello laughsmile,

hope you doing well!
Our support periods will not be necessarily bound to the Kubernetes EOS.

We thank you a lot for your patience.

Our Product, Development and Support team is closely working together to finalize the EOS plan for KNIME Business Hub.

We hope to give public and official communications on that closely after March 11th

Best regards,


What would be your expectation on the support time for a KNIME Business Hub release? Why don’t you want to upgrade to the latest version? Or asked differently, what exactly do you expect from a long-term support release? The comment about the Kubernetes support above is a valid one. While we could support our pieces of the software for let’s say 18 months, some essential components such as Kubernetes or Quarkus have a shorter support life time. Which would require updates of these central components within the LTS stream.
Therefore I’m really interested in your expectations around this topic.

Hi @thor
After upgrading , We must test all workflows’ all functionality, the test will cost lots of time .
Customer worries about system being unstable and also do not like to pay for the long time upgrade testing frequently.
If the system keeps working fine, customer do not like to touch(upgrade) it.
So we expect a long-term support release!

Your answer indicates that you would not test when upgrading within an LTS release? Also you said you don’t want to “touch” a working system. What does this have to do with an LTS release? You are never forced to touch a system.
Also you are mostly concerned about workflow execution which means the executor is the relevant piece and not the rest of KNIME Business Hub. The executor (KNIME Analytics Platform) has a different support time anyway.
I am trying to gather what your exact expectations are, but I’m afraid your answer didn’t really help me in that respect. Maybe you could be a more specific what an LTS release would change for you opposed to not having an LTS release. And also keep in mind the discussion above that an update within an LTS release will inevitably contain larger changes as well.

when upgrading within an LTS release , We HAVE TO test . but customer do NOT want to pay for test when upgrading frequently .

Touch in the above comment mean upgrading. when the version being end of support , we are FORCED to upgrade the system.

I thought the executor is part of KNIME Business Hub.

Yes , that is why we have to test if upgrading to an LTS release.

At a word, a longer support period for an LTS release will be better, so we do not need to execute upgrading test frequently.

I’m sorry but I don’t think I follow your argument. You are never forced to upgrade. You are free to skip any new versions, regardless whether it’s an LTS release or a non-LTS release. Also there won’t be a significant difference in the release frequency between the two. Many customers are very sensitive about potential security issues in external dependencies therefore also within an LTS release we will have frequent releases just to update external dependencies.

I am sorry,that is mean even if current version will be Out-of-Support , do we not need to upgrade?

The reseller of knime in our country said the support time for a KNIME Business Hub will be 24 months.
But Kubernetes or Quarkus have a shorter support life time which is less than 24 months, so I wanted to ask in the above comment, When Kubernetes or Quarkus is out of support (but less than 24 months ), is knime responsible for Kubernetes or Quarkus support?

As I mentioned, you are never forced to upgrade. It’s totally up to you. But if you don’t upgrade you will miss the corresponding bug or security fixes (or features). If they are not relevant to you it’s fine to stay on the current version.

I am not sure how your reseller came up with the 24 month support time. As Alexander has written above we haven’t decided yet on the support time.

We as KNIME simply cannot support any external pieces of KNIME Hub which are not supported by the corresponding maintainers any more. This is the reason why we will update them - also in LTS releases - when the used version becomes unsupported.

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