What the best practice to reuse Knime model in Python?

Hi there,

I’m trying to load a Random Forest Model trained in KNIME into Python.

I have used 2 ways to output the model:

  1. image
  2. image

However, I am having trouble loading the trained model into Python.

Method I have tried:

  1. Python Pickle loader.
  2. Python sklearn_pmml_model package

Python Version: 3.6
Knime Version: 3.7.0

Any response will be appreciated. Thank you!


Here is an example with Python an pickle. For your Szenario question would be to generate the model without python first.

Best practise I came across was using H2O.ai MOJO files.

They mostly can be exchanged between KNIME and R and Python. I would have to set up an example.

A general example can be found here:

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