What would be the best strategy to debug a custom python extension?


I’m coming from R universe and I am new to Knime and Python. I want to build custom knime nodes (extensions) using the python API. I have successfully followed the tutorial from knime official docs.

Now I want to build my first custom extension and I am facing an issue while attempting to debug in VS code studio. While running import knime.extension as knext in the VS code interactive console I receive the same error as already posted here which seems expected.

So I wonder how can I efficiently debug and explore the objects of my code directly through vs code rather than each time restarting Knime and waiting for its console to log me some info.

Thanks for your help

Hi @pokyah,

have a look at the first point of the following:

Please note that the content of the configure and execute methods is available without restarting the KNIME Analytics Platform if you have set debug_mode: true in the config.yml.

Does that already help?

Best regards

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Hi @steffen_KNIME,

Thanks for your reply !

OK, I get an understanding of how all of this works now.

Thanks for your support

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