What''s the Possibility for Reconciling Finger Prints Data between two Data sets

Hello Team,

I am a university student currently undertaking a project, I’m managing a master database where we collect customer data upon enrollment (including fingerprints data). Our sales associates operate across various branches nationwide, allowing them to onboard clients from any location.

However, there’s a challenge we’ve identified: when a client relocates, they may be onboarded again by a sales associate in their new area, leading to duplicate entries in our database. To tackle this issue, I propose implementing a solution where we compare the fingerprint data of any new customers with existing records. This way, we can ensure that a customer is not registered in our database before enrolling.

Your guidance on this matter would be invaluable, and I’m open to any collaboration to ensure the success of this project. Thank you for your support and input.



Hi @Didas


I’m afraid you need to provide more technical details regarding your case. Like how is the fingerprint data stored i.e. what kind of data format is it? How is this information entered? Are you looking to build a KNIME data app that runs on the server/business hub?

In the most simple way, you’re looking at retrieving all the current records from the db and do an anti-join on the record that your sales associated tries to create.

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Hi @ArjenEX, thanks for reaching out and the willingness to help. Can we set up and Teams meeting to deeply understand the problem? If yes, I am reachable at didas@xelanalytics.com. Thanks