When I open the CSV file the output is all squashed together.

Not sure if there is a way but is there a way when you covert the excel file to the CSV writer and open it is there a way to make the columns expanded and the data left justified and not all over the place.

Hi @sgilmour -

Could you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? It’s not clear to me from your description what the problem is.

Just looking for a way to have the columns adjusted without doing it manually and to have all data be left justified.

This is an Excel question and it will not do any automatic formatting of CSV.

This is a csv file not an excel file so will it work?

CSV is only a file that has text content separated by commas - it doesn’t dictate what kind of data the text represents (e.g string, decimal, dates, …) nor does it dictate style (e.g align left, …)

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OK Thanks it was worth a shot. Appreciate you responding.

If you are in need of formatted output for Excel, then you may want to look into the Excel Writer Node.

I’ve not used it myself, however I suspect it may be what you are looking for.


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