When installing KNIME Executor, which zip file should I select?

Dear all.
while running the installation package for KNIME Server 4.6 on windows 7 64x and during the installation I faced this problems.
【step5】KNIME Executor installation
This is my first installation of KNIME server. I need to select a zip file, but I do not know where there are.
Please tell me which file to choose.
Best Regards,

Hi @akira,

For Windows, you should use the zip file from here: https://download.knime.com/analytics-platform/win/knime-full-latest35-win32.win32.x86_64.zip

Please unzip before you start the installation, then choose the first option on step 4 of the installer. Next, point the installer to the location where you extracted the zip.

Hope that helps!


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Dear RolandBurger

Thank you for your reply.
And I am sorry that my reply was delayed.

I tried your method and the installation was completed. Thank you so much.
I am planning to process various data with KNIME from now on.

Best Regards,

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