When to use Expand Metanode vs. Open Metanode

When is it appropriate to use Expand Metanode vs. Open Metanode. Open puts the metanode in a new tab. Thanks.

Hi @ayscueb.
If you use “Open”, it allows you to view inside the metanode, and enables editing of its contents.

If you use “Expand”, the metanode ceases to be a metanode and the contents of the (former) meta node are brought back into the owning workflow.

So you would use Expand only when you no longer want the functionality of the metanode to remain in the metanode.


Thank you. Just to be sure, if I Open a Metanode, make changes, save it and close the new tab, will the changes be back in the Metanode in my original workflow?

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Hi @ayscueb , yes. When you open it what you are seeing in that new tab is the inside of the metanode within the workflow. So when you save changes, the changes are saved as part of the main workflow.


Yes…big thanks for this. Much easier than what I’ve been doing. I appreciate it.

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Hello @ayscueb,

Yes, I agree with @takbb,

Choosing ‘Open’ allows you to view and edit the contents of the metanode.

Selecting ‘Expand’ dissolves the metanode, incorporating its contents back into the main workflow.

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