Where do I download the Excel Node

Hi all,

I just started using Knime and want to feed it a spreadsheet from Excel. However I can't seem to find the XLS node. It is not in the I/O Node Repository and when I try to use the "update Knime extensions" utility in the start menu it doesn't appear in any of the lists shown.

So, how do I get/download/install the Knime XLS node?



Use File->"Install KNIME extension..." instead of update. If there is nothing installed, there is also nothing to update ;-)

Sorry that is what I meant, I get to the "Avalible Software" screen which has a bunch of categories like "KNIME Community Contributions - Image" or "KNIME Community Contributions Sources" but I don't see an XLS node under any of those categories, so were should I be looking?

It's in "KNIME & Extensions" and the feature is called "KNIME XLS Support".