Where has the Continental Nodes web tutorial / documentation gone?

The primary tutorial documentation for the Continental Nodes has moved/disappeared from the KNIME web site

As you will see from the following FAQ page, there used to be links to:


But if you follow that link now, you just get to the generic developer extensions page

This page is also referenced in a number of posts in the KNIME Community forum

Currently any new user wishing to use the Continental Nodes will be lacking in available documentation. As I recall, as well as providing an overview, it detailed what a “Control table” is, and how to create one. Without that basic information, the Continental Nodes are rendered unusable.

Can the original page(s) be “recovered” and the link made available again ?

Pinging @ScottF and @Continental_KNIME_Extension_Developer, as you may “know somebody who knows somebody” :wink:

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Dear Brian (@takbb),
Thanks for pointing out this issue. I also tried to reach the documentation via these links and can confirm they are broken. However, we still have a local backup of the documentation content. @ScottF and @gab1one, who of the KNIME team could best help us bringing this content online again?
Best regards


Thanks @arbe! I’m very pleased to hear the documentation isn’t lost. :slight_smile:

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Hi folks! Thanks for bringing this up, and sorry that it happened in the first place. We’re working on fixing it, it was a mistake on our side during some web site cleanup. :grimacing:


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This has been fixed now. Sorry again for the trouble!


Thanks @ScottF. All good now! :slight_smile:

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