where ı put the unlabeled data in prediction model?

After the training and testing my data, how and where can I put new data (unlabel data) for prediction.
Possible to send me a pic about this problem

Here’s a simple example.


So, has new data ( unlabel data ) been loaded into the model reader? Am ı right?

Or has the new data been loaded in file reader? Where is the new data loaded ?

The new (unlabeled) data is read in with the File Reader in this example. The model (with the stored rules) is read in with the Model Reader.

If you want to learn more about KNIME and machine learning/scoring you could take a look at these links:


Read the node descriptions carefully. @mlauber71 is correct except for new data you won’t need the column filter node since the input won’t have labeled data.


Thank you both. ı understood finally

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