Which is the right Loop for me ?

Hi Guys,
I’m working with KNIME like two weeks now. So I’m still discovering all functions.
My problem: I have a table with different ID’s and meta values, like position and speed of the Object. Using the Java snippet simple I want to run through the whole Data with ID 1 first. After the first iteration is done, I want to repeat with ID 2, 3…

Which Loop I can use to setup a new starting point / ID ?

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Hi @coup,

You can do this by using the Group Loop Start node and select the “ID” column as your group column. If your table is not sorted but you want to make sure that it is processed in the right order you need to check the option Input is already sorted by group column(s) and use a Sorter node beforehand.
The choice of loop end node depends on what you want to achieve. Probably, the Loop End node which concatenates the processed row might be the right one for you.



More information about the available loops and examples how to use them can be found here:


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Thank you,
but when I use the group loop start (grouped by id), my complete Data is shrinked to one row. If I attache the Java snipped, I only can run a single row through my algorithm each iteration. But I need it to run ID 1 through 2,3,4,5 :thinking:

edit: maybe with a meta loop node ?


Please provide a sample data set or an example table and explain your question on the sample data.

Your question is not clear to me (After reading your second post I’m confused).


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