Which scatter plot nodes work with the Shape Manager node?

Dear All

Can someone tell me which of the available scatter plot nodes actually work with the Shape Manager node?
Currently I’m running KNIME 4.1.3 on win10 and can get the Color Manager to work with the Scatter Plot node (the one using JavaScript) but Shape Manager has no effect.
Shape Manager will work with the Scatter Plot (JFreeChart) node (as does Color Manager) but other essential functionality like using domain info to set standard axis ranges is lost.

Thanks in advance for your input!


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Hello @johnprime,

JavaScript based scatter plots (Scatter Plot (Plotly) and Scatter Plot) don’t support Shape and Size manager nodes. There is a feature request (Internal reference: AP-5995) to address it and will add +1 for you.



Hello @ipazin

Many thanks for the clarification.
I hope that feature request makes it to the top of the list soon.
Some good upgrades (and fixes) to the plotting nodes in KNIME would make a world of difference to it’s overall capability.


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