Which Technique and Neural Network structure should I build for Power data (timeseries), that have 4 or 6 inputs?

Hello everyone.

I have a problem with training a power data (tmeseries) that contains (4 up 6 to features + 1Target) for 1335 Records.
I tried to build Keras network:
Input - 2 hidden layers - one output as (4inputs -1outputs - 50Epuch-25 batch)
but the Mean squared Error is high.
I’m a beginner, but I’ll do my best.

Hi @SaadTR and welcome to the KNIME community forum!

The best way you could get help at the KNIME forum is to share with us your workflow with the data so that we have all we need to help you from there. Otherwise, we might only guess what is going on with your workflow.

Could you please upload here your workflow (does not need to be run) and your data inside the workflow ? Normally the best place is to store the data inside the workflow directory in a directory called itself “data”, so that it can be easily shared with the workflow.



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