Why does KNIME installation require admin access in Windows?

I recently went to install KNIME 3.5.3 in a Windows Server 2008 environment and was met with a window telling me that Administrator privileges were required for the installation. By comparison KNIME 3.5.3 installs easily in Linux without Administrator privileges.

Normal users are not allowed to install programs into the standard programs folder and modify the registry under Windows. Therefore the installer requires admin privileges. You can also use the self-extracting archive if you install it somewhere else and don’t care about start menu entries and such.


Hi Thor,

Your answer is awesome.

To further answer this question. When you are using your company laptop and you do not have admin access/login of admin user.

try to download the self-extracting archive file and only saved to your hard drive and you can used it.

Download this" KNIME Analytics Platform for Windows (self-extracting archive)"

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