Why K Nearest Neighbor node doesn't have PMML model output port?

Hi guys,

I don't understand why K Nearest Neighbor node (in Mining -> Misc Classifiers) doesn't have a PMML output port as all the other Mining nodes.

Please, can anybody explain me?

It's simply not implemented yet. I've put it on the feature request list. But as the model is simply a copy of the input data there isn't a huge benefit of having a PMML model.

OK Thor, thanks for the reply. I hope to see it in future releases.

I partially agree with you. Surely the benefit is smaller than that of other mining methods anyway the benefit rely on the fact that having a PMML you can export it as a package and you can use it in other platforms/environment without having to regenerate the model.  

While I understand that KNN is now supported on KNIME but I don't see (using the latest version of KNIME) a mechanism to generate a PMML model out of it.

Am I missing something?