why the chinese character changed unreadable code

in my data table , A clounm had chinese character,but  when I used the interactive table node ,I fand the  chinese character changed unreadable code. why ?


please help me

Can you post a screenshot showing the problem? And probably also an example input file.

for example in the input file, a cell column is 0312金额超支. but end  clicked on the  interactive table->view:table view , I fand  it changed  0312□□□□.

my KNIME is design for :

database connector -> database column filter -> database row filter -> interactive table


please help me !

I could reproduce your problem. It seems that the standard Java font that is used in table views does not have chinese characters. If you write out the table into a file (e.g. with the CSV Writer) again, the correct name is still there, so it's "only" a display problem. I don't have an immediate solution, but I will open a bug report.

 I will use your way to test. this information is very useful,thank you very much.

I guess you are using Linux, right? Under Windows, chinese characters are displayed correctly so it really is a matter of the font that is used. You need to find a font that contains western and asian characters at the same time and use this as your "default" font for Linux. How to set the default font (which Java picks up from the system configuration) depends on your window manager. Also which of configurable fonts is used in the data table by Java/Swing varies. You have to try it out.