Widget input in components - event listening?


I’ve not spent much time trying to make component interactive views and have got a bit stuck.

If it’s possible to do the following how is it achieved:

In the above composite view I want to have the slider Widget (Threshold) propagate the change to the graphs.

This is the contents of the component:

So what I’m after is to re-run from the Slider Widget on change. If I make a change, click apply close and then re-open the change appears to apply but this isn’t the behaviour I was after.

Is there a mechanism for propagating this change on the fly?



Hi @swebb,

For views with “subscribe to filter events” option available in their “interactivity” tab, you can use the Interactive Range Slider Filter Widget node.



Interesting, it’s not a filter I’m trying to do but I may be able to kludge something together hijacking the filter.

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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Nope abusing the filter event in that way doesn’t work. Looks like I need to make a custom view if I want it to be interactive to this extent.

Maybe by providing more information about what you are trying to do, we can help you better.

What change do you want to make by using the slider?

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Hi @swebb
I think in your workflow the rule engine won’t work interactively, as it isn’t an interactive view.

I guess you would need a “generic javascript view” node, which replaces both rule engine end color manager nodes in a “javascript version”, subscribed to interactivity events.

Agreed, looks like everything interactive needs to be run in the JavaScript. Doesn’t look like you can trigger a live re-execution of the component that causes a re-render.

Though changing the value and selecting apply will trigger the nodes to re-run they don’t send the new data to the view.



It seems that Slider Widget doesn’t update its output flow variable when the slider value has been changed within node’s interactive view.
On the other hand, when the slider value has been changed in parent component’s interactive view, the Slider Widget output flow variable gets updated.

I don’t understand this behaviour: it sounds strange to me.

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