Wildcard Tagger: Feature request --> Keep ID of dictionary terms after tagging



The Wildcard Tagger contains two imput ports, one containing the documents to tag and the second containing a dictionary of terms to tag.

At the moment only one column is allowed for the dictionary table so that one loses all data attached to the dictionary term ( i.e. the data in the same row of the term).

It would be nice to keep a unique identifier of that terms (with wildcards, regular expressions) that were used to generate the tag. This is especially useful for the Wildcard Tagger, but also for the "simple" Dictionary Tagger. Then it should be possible to join the additional information once again after tagging.




Hi Frank,

i see your point and put it on the list for 2.9.x. For 2.9 it's a little bit too late. The tagged term has currently no field to store information about "why" a tagger tagged the term (e.g. the wildcard expression which is responsible for that). Therefore the term has to be upgraded, which results in more changes.

Cheers, Kilian

Any Update on this feature??

Not yet. It is still on the list, however I can not say when I will ne able to implement it.

Cheers, Kilian