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I have used excel reader > table row to variable > variable expression to configure a path. As the file could be in “.xls” or “.xlsx” format. I would like to know how to put wildcard .xls in the variable expression node so that both file format could be picked up

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Hi mmngeoh,

I’m not sure exactly what expression you would need, because I’m not sure what you would like to do with the evaluation (i.e. would you like a true/false variable depending on if there is .xls(x) or something else), but in order to check if “.xls” is contained, you can use:

If you want to check that the .xls(x) is contained strictly at the end of the string, I would use Regex:

Hope this helps, let me know if not! Cheers,

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Hi @kabrah,

Sometimes the file format i want to extract following the path is in “.xls” format but sometimes it is in “.xlsx”, so i would like to have at least “.xls” in the path (maybe using a wildcard) to ensure that file in both “.xls” and “.xlsx” could be read.

Ming Ming

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hi @kabrah,

I have found the solution for this, to use file filter options in excel reader node and insert wildcards there. For example, i have file YYMM_draft_for_YYMM in “.xls” and “.xlsx”, this wildcard could help to detect the file in both formats

Btw, Thanks for your help :blush::blush:


Hi Ming Ming! Really cool, I didn’t think to check the Reader node’s options, but glad you figured it out!

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