Window loop start - var type issue


I am using the Parameter Optimization loop nodes to optimize the window size for my calculations on a time series. The optimization var is an integer, and should go into the Window loop start node. It seems to be impossible. The only integers – eventStepSize and eventWindowSize – don’t work.

Could you help, please?

Thank you!

Hello @ribizli,

Window size configuration field corresponds to timeWindowSize field on Flow Variables tab while Step size corresponds to timeStepSize. (You need to play around a little bit with blank fields on the right which output flow variables with given configuration in order to figure this out.)

Regarding Parameter Optimization Loop Start - it can only output integers or doubles (possible there is a ticket for “string” enhancement but you have to search forum for it) so you need to convert it to string. You can do it by using string() function from String Manipulation (Variable) node.

Hope this helps!



Hi Ivan, Thanks for the reply.
The problem is that both timeWindowSize and timeStepSize expect string values, which is incorrect.

Hello Petra,

actually they must be string type as you can also define them as duration. And for example 2 minutes is 2m in duration format so it wouldn’t work if type is number :wink:


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Hi Ivan, I can live with this, but it is still incorrect.
Please scroll up and see the screenshot I attached. There is place to set the unit of time (“minutes” above), so the Window Size and Step Size fields are crying for an integer. Otherwise we are saying “2m in minutes”.

Hello Petra,

think you are mixing here something. Unit of time can be minutes, hours, days… or a duration meaning when you select duration Window and Step size need time identifier (2m, 2h…) and thus can have number flow variable for it. Configure node with a duration and you’ll see.


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