Windows XP and Knime 2.9.x

Hi All - 

I am trying to help a user set up Knime 2.9.2 on a Windows XP 32 bit machine.  The knime.exe file is not recognized.  When you rename that file to knime.exe the launcher starts but can't complete.

I know Microsoft is not supporting XP any longer, and won't hold it against the community if you don't either...Just curious to see if anyone has used this platform successfully and if so, how.


Thanks in advance for your time!


Is there another application interfeering (like an anti virus)?

Hi Mark,

I just tried KNIME 2.9 on a fresh XP installation and it seems to work just fine.  Could it be that your file was somehow corrupt on download?  Also, if you invoke the application from the command line, we may see some extra information which is useful to diagnose the problem. 

Those are both fantastic suggestions.  This is a remote support of a new user, so I am winding through all the possibles.  I will try both of these suggestions and then post further comments looking for advice.

Thanks again to you both!