Word Cloud - show expressions, not single words

Hello Everyone,

I am text mining some online reviews and would like to present the sentiment in a Word Cloud. I created the workflow but now struggling with the outcome of the Word Cloud.

How can I get multiple words connected to each other in the Word Cloud - i. e. “great benefits”, “work environment”, etc. and not each word separated (“great”, “benefits”, “work”, etc.).

Kind regards,

Hey @mikvuh,

if you have specific words that you want to highlight, you could use the Dictionary Tagger node. It will combine the words to one term and give it a specific tag.
If you want to do it in a more generic way. You could do part-of-speech (POS) tagging (e.g. by using the Stanford Tagger or the POS Tagger) and extract consecutive words that have a tag combination like adjective + noun (“great” and “benefits”) and combine these within a dictionary to use the Dictionary Tagger again.