Word count in knime

Hello friends, I need to count some words in my file, is there a another way ? than with string to document and so on,it crashed because the file is too huge -.-, it is about 2.5 million rows, it is csv file, with differents word, is it possible to count a specific word ? with knime ?

If you already have a line-delimited file with words (ie. one word per line), the most simple solution would be to use a "GroupBy" node, where you group by word, and add a "Count" aggregation (see second tab in the node's options), to count the number of occurrences for each word.

there are whole sentence, and the words are in it, I try it to count it with java snipped that works but it dont ignore big and small letters 

Hi, if your problem is "big and small letters" then proceed with the "string manipulation node" using a lowerCase method before your Java node. For your problem with the 2,5 millions lines have you tried to change your configuration file. If not see How can I increase the Java Heap Space for KNIME?

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