Worfkflow crashs in Batch Mode

Hi there,

I have a workflow that runs without error when I start it in KNIME itself. After that I created a batch file which I’ve scheduled in the Windows Task Manager. I get an error massage at the end of the workflow. Here are screenshots of this messages.


What are the information about the budles 153, 156 and 157?

Greetings, Brotfahrer

Hi, are you able to share a copy of the workflow?

I’ve experienced this kind of error before and often it is due to using relative paths of input/output nodes. Consider trying to use local file references instead.


Hi, I’ve tested running this workflow in KNIME from Batch and it works for me - hopefully it will for you. If so, then maybe there is something wrong with your workflow.

To get it to work, import the attached worklfow group, then open KNIME and open the workflow. In the Workflow Annotation are some briefs instructions on how to modify the Batch file to work on your computer.

Batch_Example.knar (16.9 KB)


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