Work with PolaRs in knime

Hi friends,

We can import data in pyarrow or pandas dataframe.

After importing data, how can we process data using polars library.

Thanks for your answer.

@MNVADGAMA I see the option to convert a dataset to a polars dataframe from pandas. I was not (yet) able to use a direct transfer from (KNIME) Arrow format to Polars (and back).

kn_example_python_polars_pandas_arrow.knwf (35.2 KB)

Thanks @mlauber71 for your response.

I also tried groupby polars dataframe as under (see row no 21):

The ouput of polars and pandas is as under:

However, getting following errors

How can we address such error.


Dear @MNVADGAMA Manish,

unsigned int (uint32) is not supported. Could you change the data type of the count column and tell us whether that works?

I dug into the Polar code base, but where the count method is really executed, is somewhere far in the back and I do not see how one could change the type with some polar method. Only that they always seem to return uint32.

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