Work with SQLite database


I'm a very beginner and completely new to the data mining thing. I need to work with a sqlite database. I got this database from my colleague. That means I don't have a port nor a host or anything else. Just the *sql file on my desktop. I tried to use the sqlite connector and then the database reader.

The sqlite connector got the path of my *sql file. Then i executed the node. When I open "Database JDBC Connection" (right click on node) after executing all I can see is "connection" and "flow variables". Nothing else.

When I connect the node with the DB reader there seems to be nothing I can do in the configuration. Pressing "Fetch Data" doesn't bring any effect. Nothing happens.Nothing else I can configure. Without the connection I can choose a database driver and the URL (but again: I don't have a host nor a port I could insert into this URL).

Can you help me? It's very exhausting to fail already at the beginning.

Thank you!

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Try the SQLite Connector -> Table Selector -> Database Connection Reader

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for SQLite you do not need a database port or url since it stores all data in a single file. Have a look at the attached workflow on how to use the different nodes to query a SQLite db.




Thank you for your help!!! I now have the problem that I always get the same error:

"Error while validating SQL query 'SELECT * FROM ParticleTable' : [SQLITE_CORRUPT]  The database disk image is malformed (malformed database schema (ParticleDataTable) - near "WITHOUT": syntax error)"

The error occurs in the DatabaseWriter Node. But I guess my data is damaged, right?

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