Workflow annotation causes KNIME to hang

In KNIME 3.7 (and possible 3.6 as well) in Windows I have recently been encountering a problem that I’m not sure how to troubleshoot. If I place a new workflow annotation box in an existing workflow and then later come back and double click on it to edit it, KNIME will at times hang and become unresponsive. However Windows does not recognize it as non-responsive (and hence does not ask me to terminate it). By unresponsive I mean that I cannot click on anything, select or move anything, open menus, etc. The system itself is still active - I can switch to other applications and everything there is fine - but KNIME does not respond to anything. When I check task manager I see that KNIME could be using a fair bit of RAM (upwards of 20% of total system memory, though I do have multiple workflows open in this most recent case) though 0% of CPU.
Also when this happened most recently, one of the other workflows I had open was still running a process and that process seems to have finished fine on its own even though the workflow with the annotation box became unresponsive (with KNIME).
At this point it has been this way for at least 2-3 hours. However as I had processing running on another workflow I would prefer not to kill KNIME entirely as I would lose my progress on that other workflow. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Please see here KNIME 3.7 Hangs in Windows 10