workflow "automatically" to start?

with a “MY SQL Connector” and the “Database Reader” I retrieve records from several database tables.
This data is processed in a workflow and then imported into several database tables using the “Database Writer” and “Database Update” nodes.
Is there any way in Knime to do this entire workflow “automatically” to start, perhaps with a URL, instead of doing ten individually executes?
Thank you for ideas.

Hi @nicole

if you just want to start the same set of nodes 10 times, you can do this with a loop.
If you want to start the completely workflow automatically e.g. on a regular schedule, this is part of our KNIME Server.

Best wishes, Iris

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Hi Iris,
Thank you for your prompt reply. I looked at the documentation and videos about the loops. Unfortunately this is not helpful for my request.
I have to manually run about 10 single “Database Writer” and “Database Update” nodes and look for a simplification.
Do you have another idea?

Not sure I do fully understand your question. 10 nodes do not sound that awful lot since you might connect them via Flow variables and organise them in Metanodes so they might fit into one workflow.

Also there is the possibility of calling sub-workflow from a parent workflow:

Concerning automation: You might use KNIME in batch mode with a unix Cron Job or a Windows Task scheduler. Although the KNIME server is much more comfortable if you have larger tasks.


thanks for the quick answer and the examples.
I already have a finished workflow, the Start node is a “Database Reader” then around 100 nodes follow to process the data, and at the end of the workflow, 10 individual “Database Writer” or “Database Update” nodes are reached to divide data into several loading / updating database tables. It went to these 10 knots. I read into KNIME batch mode, I think that’s what I’m looking for.