Workflow Batch Execution Problem

Dear KNIME Team,

Is any possible to auto run workflow by batch mode which flow has “call local workflow node” , my testing failed.

The subworkflow have “image to report and Data to report” birt releated node.

As far as i know, workflow has “call local workflow node” can’t use batch execute mode, correct?

My purpose is auto generate birt report (ppt、pdf)by bat file rather than use KNIME server or KNIME business hub.

reference flow

Thanks in advance!



Hi all,

I try run below sample by batch mode ipazin/Public – Multiple Reports – KNIME Community Hub

Found that when I add image birt report, the batch mode will stuck, need to hard closing in win10 task manager

call D:\Anaconda3/Scripts/activate.bat D:\Anaconda3
cd C:\Program Files\KNIME
knime -nosplash -reset -nosave -preferences="C:\Users\hwwangf.VANGUARD\Desktop\knime_bat_exe\my_pre.epf" -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION -workflowDir="E:\KNIME\2020_08_10_Multiple_Reports_Parent_Workflow" 

Is this problem have solution? Please tell me! Thanks!