Workflow Called via REST API, job stops after 10 minutes


I am trying to call a KNIME workflow via a REST API from another application. The issue that we are encountering is that if the Job runs for longer than 10 minutes the job simply stops and get deleted. This is an issue when the logic of the workflow takes longer than 10 minutes to run. This even happens if you just call the API from another REST Get node in a KNIME workflow. If I use :execution for the API it runs max 10 minutes. If the workflow takes longer than 10 minutes I have to first create the job and then executute the specific job and then the workflow will run till completed.

This two step process isn’t ideal for how we need to call workflows via API, sometimes we just need to start the job and not need to wait for completion, but other times we need to wait for the job till it completes, even when running longer than 10 minutes.

I hope someone can assist with this use case that we have.


Hi @Willem,

both the GET and POST request :execution endpoints have a timeout parameter that may help you in this case. The POST endpoint has a default value of -1, the GET request defaults to 10 minutes, i.e. 600000 milliseconds.

An example with a 1 hour timeout would be:
GET/POST <knime-server>/knime/rest/v4/repository/<workflow-path>:execution?timeout=3600000

Kind regards

ps. our Swagger REST documentation is located at <knime-server>/knime/rest/doc/index.html

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