Workflow Coach Update failes consistently


updates work fine for the KNIME analytics platform, however, I cannot use the Comunity recommendation as the update fails.

By checking the Server Recommendations under Workflow Coach I get the message: "No suitable server found".

Any ideas how I can use it?



I am also seeing this problem on a PC that is behind a corporate proxy (network connections are set to "manual" with the appropriate proxy address; updates work fine, and I can also login to the EXAMPLES server).

In the dialog Preferences > KNIME >  Workflow Coach, I can check the box "Node recommendations by the community" and click the "Update now" button. This only gives "Update failed" and an error appears at the top of the dialog window: "Error loading the community node recommendations. Please check your internet connection."

If I uncheck the box and go to Preferences > KNIME >  Workflow Coach > Server Recommendations, all I get is "No suitable servers found", and the console prints the following:

"WARN  FindRecommendationServersJob            Could not check server '': The host did not accept the connection within timeout of 5000 ms"

On my private laptop (not behind a proxy), the workflow coach works fine. Although I also get the "No suitable servers found" (but without the console printing anything).

Any suggestions?



There is known issue with proxies and the workflow coach that will be fixed soon.

Please note that the "Server recommendation" or for local KNIME Servers and you must have a mount point to the local server. If you don't have one, none will be shown in the preferences.