Workflow could not be loaded. breeze/linalg/Vector

Unable to open/execute Knime workflow with Spark Linear/Logistic Regression node. Facing below issue.

"Workflow could not be loaded. breeze/linalg/Vector"

"Workflow could not be loaded. breeze/generic/UFunc$UImpl2"

I am able to execute only Spark Random Forest Learner, Spark Decision Tree MLIB nodes, for all other Spark MLIB nodes I am encountering above error. I am facing this issue after I did an update.

Please let me know how to resolve this issue.


this seems to be a problem with the installation. To reinstall the KNIME Spark Executor please perform the following steps:

  • Open KNIME
  • Go to Help->Installation Details
  • In the Installed Software tab select the KNIME Spark Executor and click on the Uninstall button
  • Close KNIME
  • Add -clean in the next line below the -startup option to the knime.ini file in your KNIME installation directory
  • Start KNIME and install the KNIME Spark Executor again via File->Install KNIME Extensions

Sorry for the inconveniences.