Workflow could not be loaded. Illegal state "IDLE"


I have some problems with loading workflow. I get the following message:

ERROR     LoadWorkflowRunnable     Workflow could not be loaded. Illegal state "IDLE" encountered in method "org.knime.core.node.workflow.SingleNodeContainer#reset" in node RowID 0:339:1043

I have go to workflows directory and manually delete this node (0:339:1043) from the workflow. But this disrupts my workflow, which I have to repair after succesfull load.

What cause this error? How to fix it?

We haven't heard of such problems before. I also checked the piece of code that issues this warning and it does not explain why the workflow does not load at all. Do you think you can provide us with the workflow so that we can reproduce the problem (do you still have a copy of the corrupted workflow)? If not, maybe you can send us the knime.log file so that we can see the full call stack.

Thanks for your answer. As the workflow is in progress now, I can not reproduce the problem as described above (with loading saved workflow). However I had similar behaviour when this workflow was aleready loaded. However (Fortunatelly), none nodes was deleted, the message in a popup window was similar to above one. I attach the log from this event, maybe this could help.


Fortunatelly / unfortunatelly this bug seems to be fixed somehow. I've tried to reproduce it, but everything is OK. Murphy's law.

The problem returned. I'm attaching the knime.log file and console log message. I hope this will help...


The little workaround for this is resetting all nodes in the workflow before saving. In this case there is no errors while loading.