Workflow could not be saved

I received a message saying that I couldn’t save the workflow. I had to copy it to another flow and save it. What happened? Is it rare for this to occur?

Hi @Aldemir , it’s hopefully not common but I think I have encountered something similar on two occasions, where “The system cannot find the specified path” referring to a KNIME temp file.

Both times it was when my hard drive was running low on space, on a work machine. I believe it coincided with Windows automatically running a process that performed some disk cleanup, and my suspicion is that it arbitrarily deleted some " temp" files that were actually still being used by KNIME. This of course should not happen if a file is still in use!

I cannot be sure but I know that the process did run, because I saw it suddenly open and execute, and shortly afterwards that message appeared. I have subsequently changed the location that KNIME uses to store its temporary files and it now uses a dedicated folder that hopefully won’t be affected by any automatic “cleanup”.

I can’t say if this is your situation but has your machine run low on disk space at any point?

Thank you for the feedback. I have nearly 100 GB of space. Probably Windows stuff.

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