Workflow credentials missing on linux redhat RHEL6


I have just installed a new KNIME Analytics Platform version 3.1.0 on a RHEL6 machine and try to find out whether I can use all features I know from the Windows Version.

I succeeded in developing a short workflow to connect to database servers (Teradata and MySQL) and to read from one of them a table, storing the result in the other database type.

Now I don't like to store my account name and password in the related Database Connectors directly. I try to store this information as "Workflow credentials". But: right clicking on the Project in the KNIME Explorer, the project line is highlighted, but nothing happens: the context is not opened as I know it should do (compared with the Windows version).

Is there a Bug concerning the Workflow context or is there any configuration missing from my site?


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Additional information:

It works on Ubuntu. The problem is just on redhat RHEL6.

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Which version of RHEL are you using? Older version (e.g. 6.5) have too old system libraries which don't work well with Eclipse.

I am using Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.7 (Santiago).

Is this version "too old" for eclipse?


No, we are also using this version and haven't experienced the issues you describe. Is there anything relevant in <workspace>/.metadata/.log?

After some additional configurations on my server, it seems to be "timer" problem.

Now, the content screen with workflow credentials inside has been shown the first time at all!

The <workspace>/.metadata/.log shows:


!ENTRY org.eclipse.jface 2 0 2016-01-25 15:07:20.428

!MESSAGE Keybinding conflicts occurred.  They may interfere with normal accelerator operation.

!SUBENTRY 1 org.eclipse.jface 2 0 2016-01-25 15:07:20.428

!MESSAGE A conflict occurred for ALT+CTRL+U:


                ParameterizedCommand(Command(,Show Occurrences in File Quick Menu,

                                Shows the Occurrences in File quick menu,

                                Category(,Search,Search command category,true),






                ParameterizedCommand(Command(knime.commands.updateMetaNodeLink,Update meta node link,

                                Checks and updates meta node links,

                                Category(knime.command.category,KNIME Workflow Editor commands,Commands available for the workflow editor,true),





You can ignore the keybinding conflicts. They have nothing to do with your problem.

Please find attached two log files from my system:

.metadata/.log is named "logdatei-1.log_.txt", .metadata/knime/knime.log is named "knime.log_.txt".

First I build a new workspace directory and started knime. Then I tried to get the workflow credential in the relevant content screen. It did not work.

Yesterday I got the content screen "casually", but I don't know why. Today, the screen is missing again.

I am sure, something is "missing" or "wrong". Some "missing files" are on the system, but probably cannot be found by knime. Have you any idea, what could be wrong?






double posting...

double posting...

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The problem may be a "performance" or "timing" problem transferring the related information between laptop and vmware server using Xming (SSH connection).

Direct connection on the server is working well, working on the laptop (remote) seems to "hang".




We are also using the same rehat dedicated server enterprise release 6.7 (Santiago) but never facing any issue as shared by you.

Can you please share configuration of your server?