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Workflow demonstrating the use of the Joiner Components The joiners provide the following functionality:

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for that Join Contains component I was really trying to find this feature within the node repository and couldn’t come to it on my own. I’m not a programmer in anyway and I was trying to see if there was also a way to pull a second output port of the “unmatched” value from my top input.

I rejoin with original input afterward but I’m because row ID’s are not there I’m wondering in the long run if I will have data missing eventually.

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Hi @MaryseVB_BGIS , I’m sorry for not replying before but I never got alerted to your message, and only just stumbled upon it when I went back to looking at the demo workflow.

A bit late now, I imagine, but did you manage to find what you were looking for?

It seemed like a good idea, so I have added a new joiner component …

I’ve also updated the demo workflow to include it. This component provides 3 output ports (Matched, Left Unmatched and Right Unmatched). There is also an additional config option to include RowIds from the matching tables. If checked, it returns two columns LeftRowId and RightRowId

I could add similar for some of the other joiner components if there is demand for it. Be sure to include “@takbb” if messaging so that the forum software alerts me :slight_smile:

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Hi Brian,
Thanks for that updated, I will give it a try.

I created a work around to remove duplicate match and find the unmatched value.


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My standard move is to use Reference Row Filters to get the unmatched left / right with @takbb’s conditional join components. Just wanted to throw out another easy way to get there.

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